Sunday, May 3, 2009


so apparently my neighborhood, and the surrounding ones... have these descriptions of the people living inside them.
the one i live inside, we're looking for a fight and someone to beat up lol.
which i guess is somewhat true?? lol

but heres what ANNOYS me... whenever i'm with people i don't normally hang out with in my neighborhood at night we go why don't we go to a park? they go nahh we'll get jumped. pshh...

why don't they think that of me anyway?? lmao i'm not threatening enough haha

whatever happens at a park one time (getting jumped) they think will happen to them. which i mean they got their story wrong. OMG bothers me so much :| theyre so ridiculous. my neighborhood is much safer than the one they wanted to go in thats fer sure =] bahaha. the other one has rapists and pedofiles residing in it.

o lord what kind of place am i living in.

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