Saturday, June 27, 2009


i fucking HATE how quick fights end in a house.
then it's like nothing happened and everything is alright.
move on and act as if nothing happened.

im like the only one who doesnt get this or something.
sounds like someones yelling so much and hating someone so much its as if they're about to kill you or bite someone like a rabid dog. seriously? then next second everything is alright?

what is wrong with this fucking person?

i'm sorry.
but it's true, and this shit has to be fucking told.

i'll never understand this and whenever i bring it up in a discussion randomly because (apparently that's how i'm supposed to talk) they have NO CLUE what i'm talking about and this is completely random.

"what is going on." she asks the television confused with what just happened. you miss a lot yelling i guess don't you.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

mistake cake

i made a cake last night.
wow it's like im making sure all the sites i have an account on, im saying this on.
its like im making sure EVERYONE KNOWS this. whhaaat.

but its pretty awesome because instead of adding vanilla extract i added something else & it tastes even better.

so i guess... despite some people thinking that i think of symbolism too much and i think of symbolism or w/e too much ><

but don't be afraid of making mistakes. bc it might be even better than the original plan intended. =]

haha. wow.. yeah, that's all i guess.

a good song is 6 months by hey monday. (i just borrowed it from a friend to save to computer).

Sunday, June 7, 2009

help by not helpingg -__-

you know what reeeally bothers me? when people just don't answer you & they change the subject. or they censor what you hear. or they treat you like a child when they're the same age.

just gaaaaah -__-

it's just really bothersome you know? but you get used to it i guess. when its supposed to protect you. but i'm tired of being 'protected'. i can protect myself. i know you want to help others, but help by not helping. it works just the same and i don't mean it in a bad way.


is this some kind of sickness i have? or some kind of sickness that other people have?
because when they hear a certain song or certain types of songs they get goosebumps. or they get goosebumps when its a certain temperature. or when they think about someone they get those goosebumps.


yea i think i'm an odd one out because i've really never gotten goosebumps about a song. i've never been bothered by that temperature when im standing next to them and they're freezing and i'm fine. while they think of someone they're perhaps in love with but not really, they're getting those goosebumps. if i ever thought of someone who i thought was amazing, and i don't say love but who i really like, i don't get goosebumps.

maybe everyone else is the odd ones out, because they keep getting these skin problems.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

wow just had a thought

so i watched the trailer for milk. i didn't know much about it. it's weird, haha i watched it because of.. i think the guy everyone thought was gay from high school musical was in it? i mean everyone thinks everyone from that school is gay.. but specifically the blonde guy. LUCAS..something. yea hes in that movie milk.

so i watched the trailer because i already heard so much about it and apparently its really good looking and i really want to watch it haha.

and the guy asked a question that if two guys could reproduce, and the guy had a good comeback but i had a thought that like not even two couples who are a boy&girl cant reproduce themselves. so in technical terms for you know "society" and, the good of the future? they are the same as a gay couple. so why can't they get married? i wish they could just have a press conference or something and just address everyones questions. oh god that sounds stupid -_-

gahhh stubborn. so stupid i hate this.

there isnt any answer. we're just going to keep arguing until we all die in a nuclear war. that sounds lovely =] ha

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

news & honestly my life right now?

i deleted my twitter. it was just wasting my time as much as i liked it.
i'm thinking of deleting my dailybooth account.. it's wasting my time too..
i might get another one of these accounts this summer you never know.

i just don't like having all of my thoughts on record here online... it's just suddenly hitting me that i don't like having it all on record. i'm kind of paranoid =\


i put some of my videos away on youtube, the ones i didn't like as much. but some are still there. lol like half. i'm working on some more. like.. 3 more? takes time though. gaah. taking forever. i might just make two though bc off the top of my head i can only think of the 2 ... grr... memory -_-

o well maybe ill think of more. you never know. :) i dont like my ideas, but eh oh well. who cares.

IN OTHER NEWS of my life...
i think its about to be ruined. ive been thinking this for a while. then again i dont really think this, but in other peoples terms i think that THEYD think that my life would be ruined. lol. people who dont really have anything to do would ruin my life.

oh well. nothing i can really do about it. i mean no one ever really takes "my side" even though they always take a side, lol. i guess bc i dont believe in sides and dont appear to show feelings and talk and things like that they choose the people that are funny and show any character.
oh well. congratulations to them. they made me so upset, they make me smile =] lol. i didnt know anybody could do that haha.
paranoia for ya. -_-

Monday, May 25, 2009

walmart shizz is whack

DUDE not cool. this made me hate wal mart even more. "it's the company's long-standing policy not to stock any CD with a parental advisory sticker."
basically they're just not selling the green day CD and this really bothers me. they wanted to censor what they were saying. haha probably the song horseshoes and handgrenades ;] well other songs too but w/e

they said no. (BC THEYRE AWESOME LIKE THAT...yea) so its not selling at walmarrrt.

they're still selling millionssss of albums. (exaggeration ..yeeea) but like they said, for smaller bands, who are trying to get their songs out there, and big companies like walmart are trying to censor you. yeeea. -_- i dunno... just something i dont know how to explain that just bothers me...

i wonder how many bands havent been able to get their songs out there because of companies like this :\ dude that sucks.
GAH.i hate wal mart. i mean i kind of always have... but grr.

i mean i GUESS i understand their policy -_- if some kids just waltz in.. and buy random CDs? ..or something? dont want to buy some CD that has a track full of some guy going.. THIS SHIZZ IS WHACK YO MOTHATRUCKA DON TRY ND DENY WHAT UP.
then say the same thing to their little kiddie friends because they heard it in a song, because its the cool thing to do. right? right! :D idunno.

but REALLY?! noo...parental advisory stickers cds? thats what.. art is i think though.. taking risks and making people question. but not even selling it? thats not cool. gawww. annoying. do you even sell dane cook albums? he curses. lots of comedians (that are FUNNY) do. i bet your employees curse. better fire them :) curses dont even matterr theyre just words used to make a point. like alll words. like a level of rage. for some people anyway. for others theyre just common words. so who cares? we all know them. if people are trying to protect the CHILDREN they probably know them already. haha. i know kids in 2nd grade who are all BETCH PUHLEEESE! its scary 0_o. when you try and avoid something, you just end up meeting it sooner lulz.

ha i got mine at target. didnt even bother looking at walmart :)

dude is so ridiculous. & did i seriously like write a little kinda letter to walmart? oh god...