Tuesday, June 2, 2009

news & honestly my life right now?

i deleted my twitter. it was just wasting my time as much as i liked it.
i'm thinking of deleting my dailybooth account.. it's wasting my time too..
i might get another one of these accounts this summer you never know.

i just don't like having all of my thoughts on record here online... it's just suddenly hitting me that i don't like having it all on record. i'm kind of paranoid =\


i put some of my videos away on youtube, the ones i didn't like as much. but some are still there. lol like half. i'm working on some more. like.. 3 more? takes time though. gaah. taking forever. i might just make two though bc off the top of my head i can only think of the 2 ... grr... memory -_-

o well maybe ill think of more. you never know. :) i dont like my ideas, but eh oh well. who cares.

IN OTHER NEWS of my life...
i think its about to be ruined. ive been thinking this for a while. then again i dont really think this, but in other peoples terms i think that THEYD think that my life would be ruined. lol. people who dont really have anything to do would ruin my life.

oh well. nothing i can really do about it. i mean no one ever really takes "my side" even though they always take a side, lol. i guess bc i dont believe in sides and dont appear to show feelings and talk and things like that they choose the people that are funny and show any character.
oh well. congratulations to them. they made me so upset, they make me smile =] lol. i didnt know anybody could do that haha.
paranoia for ya. -_-

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