Saturday, June 27, 2009


i fucking HATE how quick fights end in a house.
then it's like nothing happened and everything is alright.
move on and act as if nothing happened.

im like the only one who doesnt get this or something.
sounds like someones yelling so much and hating someone so much its as if they're about to kill you or bite someone like a rabid dog. seriously? then next second everything is alright?

what is wrong with this fucking person?

i'm sorry.
but it's true, and this shit has to be fucking told.

i'll never understand this and whenever i bring it up in a discussion randomly because (apparently that's how i'm supposed to talk) they have NO CLUE what i'm talking about and this is completely random.

"what is going on." she asks the television confused with what just happened. you miss a lot yelling i guess don't you.

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