Wednesday, June 3, 2009

wow just had a thought

so i watched the trailer for milk. i didn't know much about it. it's weird, haha i watched it because of.. i think the guy everyone thought was gay from high school musical was in it? i mean everyone thinks everyone from that school is gay.. but specifically the blonde guy. LUCAS..something. yea hes in that movie milk.

so i watched the trailer because i already heard so much about it and apparently its really good looking and i really want to watch it haha.

and the guy asked a question that if two guys could reproduce, and the guy had a good comeback but i had a thought that like not even two couples who are a boy&girl cant reproduce themselves. so in technical terms for you know "society" and, the good of the future? they are the same as a gay couple. so why can't they get married? i wish they could just have a press conference or something and just address everyones questions. oh god that sounds stupid -_-

gahhh stubborn. so stupid i hate this.

there isnt any answer. we're just going to keep arguing until we all die in a nuclear war. that sounds lovely =] ha

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