Monday, May 25, 2009

walmart shizz is whack

DUDE not cool. this made me hate wal mart even more. "it's the company's long-standing policy not to stock any CD with a parental advisory sticker."
basically they're just not selling the green day CD and this really bothers me. they wanted to censor what they were saying. haha probably the song horseshoes and handgrenades ;] well other songs too but w/e

they said no. (BC THEYRE AWESOME LIKE THAT...yea) so its not selling at walmarrrt.

they're still selling millionssss of albums. (exaggeration ..yeeea) but like they said, for smaller bands, who are trying to get their songs out there, and big companies like walmart are trying to censor you. yeeea. -_- i dunno... just something i dont know how to explain that just bothers me...

i wonder how many bands havent been able to get their songs out there because of companies like this :\ dude that sucks.
GAH.i hate wal mart. i mean i kind of always have... but grr.

i mean i GUESS i understand their policy -_- if some kids just waltz in.. and buy random CDs? ..or something? dont want to buy some CD that has a track full of some guy going.. THIS SHIZZ IS WHACK YO MOTHATRUCKA DON TRY ND DENY WHAT UP.
then say the same thing to their little kiddie friends because they heard it in a song, because its the cool thing to do. right? right! :D idunno.

but REALLY?! noo...parental advisory stickers cds? thats what.. art is i think though.. taking risks and making people question. but not even selling it? thats not cool. gawww. annoying. do you even sell dane cook albums? he curses. lots of comedians (that are FUNNY) do. i bet your employees curse. better fire them :) curses dont even matterr theyre just words used to make a point. like alll words. like a level of rage. for some people anyway. for others theyre just common words. so who cares? we all know them. if people are trying to protect the CHILDREN they probably know them already. haha. i know kids in 2nd grade who are all BETCH PUHLEEESE! its scary 0_o. when you try and avoid something, you just end up meeting it sooner lulz.

ha i got mine at target. didnt even bother looking at walmart :)

dude is so ridiculous. & did i seriously like write a little kinda letter to walmart? oh god...

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