Friday, May 15, 2009

just woke up

had a really weird dream :\
i was in this really big store in a mall. i mean i didn't know anything about the mall, i hadn't seen it but you just knew ha. i only remember the last parts of the dream /: (BTW I REMEMBER NOW) (typing looking back) (it was seriously like, a fo real haunted house with bad rooms gaaah) (haunted hause? really?) (like me and some people were in this one room.. i forget what happened exactly...then like we escaped and went into the hallway then had to decide which door to go into next that way we could try and get out. from there it gets foggy, my memory that is. and i think i'm glad for that. but eventually we get to a store in a mall i forget the transition or it might've been one of those BOOM we're there things ha.

a guy who i havent seen since 2nd grade confessed his love for me i didn't quite believe him though. so i tried to get away. but i fell unto like clothes bc well its a store. that and he was annoying really. while i noticed on the other side of store a guy a know no who goes out with someone i know is all not able to go somewhere? (maybe he was all like trying to steal something from the store? lol) i tried to leave bc the 2nd grade guy is bothering me. -_- at the entrance though, its like a kkk thing is going on. but the other weird thing is there are lots of pipes in the center of the mall. like some might have fountains, some might have a garden this one had lots of intertwining pipes. and i guess it was way to travel now that i look back? i dunno. 2nd grade guy still following me.. -_- lol the kkk thing is all like 4 people in white robes that are stained with something. i dunno what though. theres a cop though. and im like WHOA i'm not moving man from the entrance. theres like a roadblock at the entrance though so i kind of keep moving. but yea i go the wrong way (yea its like kind of clear except for these people) people are on the other side and levels though. not many levels, maybe like 2 or 3. then like next thing i knew one of those BOOM it's there you know? in a dream the kkk like people who were quite threatening were on and in the pipes. from what i could gather from my dream you can travel on them? really odd 0o so they were all like holding on to them for dear life i mean i would, but i mean they weren't scared i forget what they were saying but one in particular was shouting and yelling. dunno anymore if it was death threats. maybe it was what they came to believe was the truth :\ hm.. never know. but i accidentally stepped on a pole and was all being pulled to them and looking back i find this funny cried out "OH SHIT" but then my heart was racing lol i was really scared. :) i think i exclaimed that remark quite a few times... then i was like really close to the person who was shouting, and then the person didn't really pay much attention to me bc i think they kept shouting. but i was like ahhh. theyre guna kill mehh. keep in mind that the 2nd grade guy has done nothing to try and save me lol. or maybe he has but i havent noticed... i dunno. ha pretty sure hasnt :) most likely was a trick :] then weirdly they all took credit cards and slid down the pole. that was weird. lol

this actually has enlightened me this dream :]
really relatable as strange as it is.. parts of it haha

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