Sunday, May 17, 2009

po you're alive :) or we're both dead :\

OMG so busy lately it seems :) but not really? haha just seems like it i guess :)
my sister graduated so i was up really early that one day. rushing all over the house. really funny bc me and my sister and mom all running into each other in the hallway and going AH! our screams. meanwhile dad is just sitting there because hes going to the second part when everyone is going to walk up to the guy and actually get their diploma. i didnt really know what was going on. all i knew was that i was going to an early showing of my sisters graduation and that i had tickets. i thought i was special. and i thought i was going to the one where they actually walked up to it. but noooo they just stood up and went all OMG YAY! and it was so crowded but not really. BUT i saw a really special picture of billie joe armstrong on the wall because they have concerts there and i was all AH thats billie joe and explained to my sister while we we're finding our way around who he was but i don't think she was listening because she was all uh huh uh huh. the way she does when she just humors people haha. but still it was good to vent my fan girlishness. that was elizabeth.
STILL when cathy was all at the end was all do you still want your picture with billy joel armstrong i gasped of horror and shouted that there was no 'L' in a giant crowd of people outside.

then i helped with my moms end of year program. the theme was from a child's book, and there was a giant paper tree in the church sanctuary, on the stage curtain. it was pretty alright. i'm not good with any kids except for helping with carlos and only because he hates me. ha. so i only helped like with 'behind the scenes' or what have you. like the kitchen and when everyone was done watching the play thing they all went into the gym and ate, and i moved into the stage and cleaned up lol. its like bOOM you ain't seeing me!??
i had this idea for the vine and one of the teachers made me in charge of designing it and i was all "uhhh...". eventually it got done, haha. but at first i had speech and communication problems haha because i was all uh i dunno what ta do wit dis ting. yano?

now i have a question, why do people talk to certain people online, when they don't talk to them in person in real life? in just botherrrrs me. GAH. i mean i never see you -_- i'm not talk about anyone i've met through youtube or anything. gaaaah. maaaybe you just want to be friends with me (again apparently?) but stiiiill.. it's just odd to me. i mean gah. i say gah too much :\ haha i'm talking about someone else, but it could apply to me kinda sorta xD oh lordyyy.

meanwhile throughout the week i finally used the tie dye kit i got a bit ago :) i've made a shirt and pillow case HOLLAH!! practicing for all the shirts i'm going to make for the orders im (hopefully?) going to get for the online thing i'm going to set up somehow. i'm thinking district lines? but you have to send things in. gaah.

but districtlines i dunno if i'd trust them -_- i don't know much about them. :\ yea i think i'd just try and start my whole own thing or branch off of something else. maybe send something to mitchell davis :) haha. see what he thinks haha. OMG me and jess were talking about that and shes all send it to someone famous and be all can you talk about this? lol. i dont think it would work but ehh worth a shot you know? eh idc. i dont think i need someone famous to talk about me though. i think i just need my own work to speak for itself :) lol

so yeaaa. working on some designs, working on some other stuff working on some general schoolwork. summer plans. GAH almost summer. any summer ideaaaaas.... OMG MY DAD IS SO LOUD CHEWING

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