Friday, May 22, 2009

laugh at yourself and move on

Went to see the psychiatrist yesterday. Played green day all the way there and back :3 hehe.
Also what happened yesterday was something funny. My friend didn't think it was funny, rather something really embarrassing but i laughed it off. That kind of makes me look really retarded but oh well :]

We walked in the store and she got what she needed and then i was all AH ORANGED NAILPOLISH! (keep in mind orange nail polish goes like THAT in this store, seriously) and she usually pays for me because i guess we're so close, I just ask? It doesnt matter. And I was all OMG SERIOUSLY THEY NEVER HAVE ORANGE! and there was like one left lol. the girl was staring at me because she knew me and im homeschooled and they dont see me anymore. eh oh well. She ended up giving me a dollar "You owe me a dollar'. But then she wanted an arizona ice tea, because it was hot-ish out and we were walking. We kind of still argued i think? the girl still looked at us.. the homeschooling reason i think. that and we're very loud me and my friend compared to the old people as it were..
I ended up putting the orange back and she ended up not getting her arizona ice tea. But while putting the nail polish back, I still had the dollar that she needed. (and i quote that she said while giving it to me too- i might need that dollar for the tea). Turns out, but I didn't know it at the time, she needed the money for tax, or something i forget exactly but she needed it. But I was at the make up section. So I walked over to the drinks section because thats where she was last. Keep in mind that this is not a smaallll store, but its not a big store. Its just like a medium store but not a WAL-MARRRT. you know? its like... 2 seven elevens lol. maybe 3 put together with aisles.
THEN i looked over to the register and she wasnt there, so i walked over to the make up section again and she wasnt there. i was all.. ok this is getting scary in a little whine outloud lol. just to be all making noise it case she heard me haha. NOT TO BE SERIOUS lol. but really it was hard to lose someone in this store.

so i went to the center aisle the intersected all of them, and walked back and forth. in case i saw her. because usually you see the ppl you need in the aisles looking down them, you know?
maybe for like a minute..
then jess came running up an aisle going OMG STAY IN ONE PLACE!
apparently the girl was staring at her and the guy was looking at her like an idiot. personally i think its just the way they look haha. but w/e :)
because she owed them money and couldnt leave until she gave them it. and iiii had the dollar lol. and as soon as the girl said oh there she goes, she bolted up the aisle to get me.. or rather the money so we could leave the store. then i came up the aisle laughing to myself. i found the whole situation rather funny. i mean we couldnt find each other in such a small store, its kind of funny.
then shes all i see that guy on the bus every day. im thinking ill see those people all the time next year but you know idc. you dont go to same school as them. at least whenever you make an appearance to the same school-goers or something you dont do something completely stupid apparently. or something worth going "omg lol" over.
then it became my fault that i didnt stay in one place. ok. then why didnt YOU stay in one place? ever hear of TEXTING? why didnt YOU call ME? i could have called you too. lots of things could happened.

it doesnt matter i dont think. laugh at yourself and then move on. its in the past and theres nothing you can do about it anyway except for dealing with it. and if dealing with it means blaming it on me then fine. blame away -_-

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