Sunday, May 24, 2009


GAHHH today was so much fun =]
i woke up at my friends house came home and got ready for this ... i really do not know what to call it? but this band had like an open rehearsal i guess you could say and it was on their driveway and we had food and some laughs AND IT WAS A JOLLY GOOD TIME had by one and all haha.
they were so gooood. then like we heard this original song that sounded really good. i mean i cant specifically hear these lyrics but w/e. the music sounded awesome dude. i cant say im good at any of these instruments, so shyaa they got skillzzz. they played 2 songs with no other practice and it was SO good. the guy even broke like 2 strings or something baha. "thats how hardcore i am" lulz
i JUST wish i remembered theyre name GRRR all i keep thinking about is driveshaft -_-

then my friend had to go home and she couldnt go by herself? so i went with herrr and we came baaack and then we ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS and made SMORES and it was SO MUCH FUN and AWESOME =]]]
then we lit firecrackers in the fire pit thing lol that was so awesome looking and gaah.
ha i even recorded that on my phone. haha even on the background someone was playing green day on her ipod and its so loud and you can see these awesome firecrackers.

ha then we watched the grudge. not that scary dude. just... the kind of stupidly scary? eh. lately i find all scaryish movies that way. maybe i need to find a genuinely SCARY movie. bc lately theyre just not SCARING me. theyre just eh thats bloody. eh thats shockingly right there in my face but who gives a cotton picking darn.

some of us played rockband too. that was funn. drums ef tee dubya(ftw) ! then i played bass bc bassist wanted to play drums. drums is a workout lol. ive only played the game 3 times but its really awesome. i wish i could get it but w/evsss.

ANNND im going to the green day CONCERT so excited ^_^
this summerrr <333333

thats my day really. REALLY awesome and i kind of loved it a lot !!
now im watching black beauty. danny elfman composed the musssic. or director of music? i dunno i cant think right now. he was da composerrr. i think the horse is irish. the accent sometimes distracts me.

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