Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a real blog thats worth calling me crazy :D

i never really know when i'm going to get a headache episode, or attack. they just sort of happen. usually at night when i'm about to go to sleep and i'm really tired. that state of mind. your head is pressurized like it's about to explode. you kind of lose sense of time, because it's kind of hard to look at a clock when your head is in your hands to try and even out the pressure somehow. it makes sense at the time haha. you also lose sense of time because everything is sped up in a weird way. its hard to listen to anything because it's magnified. and it hurts like ahhh. if i get up and walk around, i can but itll be over soon (the walking) because everything is sped up. i've had them for a while, so now i know when my stomach feels like its slowly revolving in nausea that it's going to be over soon. including the headache and the stomach thing. usually to deal with the pain i have to bite down on something and stare at my teeth while closing my eyelids. lol.. its weird. but it distracts me from it and it works and that makes it over quicker. then when the headache attack is over im all sleepy and barely remember it.

one time i was eating something while it happened and i was all chewing my sandwhich a mile a minute. it was funny =] also i was texting it was hilarious how fast i was texting ha

i'm not posting this to try and get pity. jee.
why i should be taken off this medicine because its a side effect i think. psh besides if its trying to stop this, then its not doing a very good job.

another reason why i should be taken off of this stupid medication that i absolutely hate
its making me paranoid. not that we all have levels of paranoia already, but its making me more so lol