Monday, April 20, 2009


so another blog post for the month of april.
listening to a davedays cover of love story lol. its actually reeeeally good ^_^

dude this whole headache rating thing is annoying me. they go on a scale of one to ten? one being the least painful and ten being the worst painful experience you've had? and then when they say that to me i basically tell them well you know a headache isnt actually the worst painful experience one could have. i could be stabbed or shot by a gun or even tortured. although experiences and opinions could vary and that's probably why you asked me that question.. haha.

but yea. it just gets so tiring and after a while you just don't know what to say and they all become just numbers. and people just asking really annoying questions. getting all up in your bidness where they don't belong. ugh so annoying >=\
makes me want to punch another hole in a wall lol.

and i just LOVE how some people think im actually faking this whole headache thing. why just a an hour ago i had this headache episode ^_^. yea im not faking. although it might be the medicine i think personally.. psh i really hate this whole thing..

and then theres gnat. good old gnat Dx<

gaaah.... life is so complicated. maybe thats why i had an episode today. it was brought on by stress. my head feels like its about to explODE gah. omg i just want to go to sleep but im not tired. so many songs are playing in my head right now.. but i dont want to listen to anything which is sad.. because i love music.. and all i can hear is the noise of rain on my window which sounds so lame lmao.

dude im so sick and tired of this whole shitty situation called LIFE right now.

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