Thursday, April 16, 2009

hulification of youtube?

ok so youtube is changing.
changing you say?
yes changing.
gasp. is it going through that time of the month? NO!
it is getting a redesign, on april 16th. and the reason for this, is so "they can better monetize their site and catch up to industry standard."
[now seeing as i had no idea what the word "monetize" meant, i looked it up in the dictionary...
verb-"convert into or express in the form of currency."
adjective-"adapt (a society) to the use of money."]
putting two and two together..i figure they're just doing this for MONEY! :( wasn't youtube all about the community? the menu went, -Home, -Videos, -Channels, -Community.
And apparently the major change WILL be the menu bar. They're doing away with the current one, and redesigning it with one that looks an awful like the Hulu menu bar.
Instead of having Home & Videos & Channels & community, we'll have movies & music & tv shows & then a WHOLE GROUP FOR US. aren't we lucky?? apparently youtube is trying to "break free of its amateur and semi-professional videos".
in video ads.. dimming the lights around the page except for the video GAH this all sounds so stupid. why am i being so stubborn lol. i know its all going to happen anyway :)

i think i know why this is happening though.. if you look on the youtube wikipedia page.. yes i have looked up youtube on wikipedia i was bored.
you could read youtube's history-ish... it's kind of a silent struggle. like copyrighted material and stuff. i mean i never actually heard about this battle thing lol.

GASP now i understand youtube live! it was more of a goodbye than a celebration :)
it was like.. it had all the famous people, and they were all might as well give them something before we take something they probably hold so dear (youtube) away from them.
eh probably not.. lol

but yea it'll probably be like facebook. they give you the option (which they already have) many people will refUSE to use the option of the profile, but one night. you don't know when, they'll just change ALL the profiles overnight.
they're wiping us out. it's like an extermination :) they don't even care about us lol. when did they ever though? it's not like that whole.. theyre part of the community too.. they just.. built the website.. and we posted things.. i dont think i ever saw them. i just heard about them. THEYRE LIKE GOD. you just have faith that theyre there lol jk.
but seriouslyyy.......

maybe they don't even want to do this. maybe they are having little arguments like we are in the comments, but in theyre offices. some for, some against. i dunno. bc i think theyre just doing this for the company. tough times lol. economyyy you know. eh why m i giving excuses? eh im not giving excuses... just trying to think from different angles :)

they're so right. it's going to be called hulu tube.

for some more information, here's a link
got most of my info there ha
you can also click around hulu tube

i might make a vlogish thing i dunno. but this has covered some thoughts ^_^

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