Tuesday, April 14, 2009

nothing in particular

so i figured instead of using this whole blog everyday of april thing.. i'll just use it as blog more often haha. revolutionize and strategize. ha. i rhymed and it actually made sense... kind of? okie..wow.
okay so anyway, nothing really prepared to type today. just, going to blog.
you know it's weird i haven't actually.. blogged in a bit. back to.. the roooots i suppose. maybe that's what blog everyday in april is all about? i'm not sure. haha.

um.. so anyway. been having episodes of headaches. ugh. i really do not feel like explaining it in a blog because it's myy blog haha. so i'll just say its really extremely worse than any other headache in my entire EXISTENCE haha and well.. they're not going away :). you're not my doctor, so i don't have to say anything :) i get them every once in a while and.. it's kind of trrrippy dewey ha.. well not really trippy. (BAD TRIP BAD TRIP) i kind of just.. wanted to say that lol.

er... speaking of bad trips dewey cox, (walk hard), and movies.. i need to see v for vendetta because of coollikeblank and sunshine. ha.. i knew i had to but seriously when do i go to a blockbusterr... gahh maybe ill go to neighbors house and go through their cable movie thing and just like go like can i waatch moovie??

i wish i can go to warped tour =\ itd be awesome..
but i cant very well go by myself.. *sigh* omg i have no friends barely lol

is this what blogging is? whod want to read it. hahah...nigahiga is so right when he vlogged he was all, "i dont know what vlogging is, but i know people talk and nobody cares what they have to say."
thats what blogging is i think on some level xD
so i guess maybe thats why people vent .. they know people will never want to read it.. and never find out who they really are?
ehh who knows..

but YUP went to a psychologist today. talked for a bit didnt really keep track of time. bc my doctor said even with medication i wont get better unless i talk to someone. ha what is my best friend, chopped liver? omg that sounds so cliche.. that saying.
but yea. she was pretty nice. unlike the other ones i went to. she was younger so more talkable haha. i mean i could actually.. talk to her. not like a 60 year old man.. and not 40 year old woman. i dunno more relatable i guess? and i like how i get to pick out music for next time.
holy crrrrrrrap do i actually like this situation -_-

but i thought it was weird how she called the people she talked to people she "worked" with. seemed kind of... "cold" eh i dunno. seemed kind of, not really there. maybe you have to be somewhat disconnected from client otherwise you get all confused yourself?

this blog seems kind of long..

well i actually finished a song. usually i start a bunch of them. but i never finish them xD i am QUITE proud of myself :)
well i dunno we'll see haha. it was funny sounds in my head kept drifting in and out from how i wanted it to sound.. from death cab to cutie, to carrie underwood, to a day to remember, xD it was quite random. i mean it was over a course of two days.. but omg i love this song so much bc of the fact that i FINISHED IT lol and that .. i mean omg i love this song :) hopefully when i pick out chords and guitar stuff, or maybe ukulele stuff i dunno what ill do quite yet fer suure but yup. hopefulllly it wont sound stupid picking music sounds out :)
actually no matter what... it WILL sound stupid because ill hear it over and over again haha

so yea i think thats ill i want to say for today.

see you some other time this april :)

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