Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#2 got this post idea from a quote

[kind of forgot april 7. I WAS BUSY. gawrsh.]

"Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday" -anonymous

So I was rereading this book I bought a really long time ago, 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'. In Anne Brashares book instead of titling each chapter, she has a quote. The above quotes was one of them.

This quote really stood out to me and made me think for a bit. (haha a bit; can't think fo no mo than that!)
It's just.. I kind of related, you know? Before you read the chapter anyway. Let's say you didn't read the book AT ALL. You're just reading the quote. (for those of you who read the book) But then again it's just me for right now just typing and I've read the book. . .and the quote. But thinking from a persons perspective who just read that quote and not the book i'll just go by that.

Let's move on.
I really related and thought about that quote for a bit before reading the chapter. I mean, she probably just wants you to read the quote and relate it to the chapter and character situations. Mayyybe perhaps relate it to your own situations, that could be a plus. I don't really know off hand, and that's not really what I'm trying to get at here.

so i worry about school work. learning what i need to learn. scheduling. worrying about friends. worrying about medicine. worrying about getting better. worrying about next year and if i'll be better. even tomorrow. worrying about college. worrying about my grades. worrying about about a lot of things.
dealing with these sorts of things, i sort of distract myself. find something better to do than worry myself. it could be a temporary distraction, or long term.
today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.
think about that for a second.
i worry so much about tomorrow. it's going to arrive anyway. then it just becomes the past. i worried about this tomorrow yesterday. but it doesn't matter anymore. what matters now is today i think (for now haha). i might as well stop worrying about the day that i have with the people that are around for now. you know?

*sigh* just something i wanted to say.

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