Monday, April 6, 2009

back to belated school blues

am i late to the whole blog every day for the month of april?
yes. yes you are.
doi... sorry bout that. not that it mattered anyhoo. but i just wanted to say some thoughts that have been on my mind.

is this some sort of blues? i've been going back to school lately and i've been kind of blue. (dear lordy lordy alMIGHTY do NOT play that song that went im blue da dee dum or w/e lol) but yea i don't know.
it's like.. and i've always thought this, don't get me wrong but right now it's hard to igNore this thought pattern. GAH why do i think so much i hate it my friend is RIGHT i DO think too much ><
it's like.. every day i get up.. count down basically till i go to school.. and then when im at school.. count down till i can get home.. then count down till i watch certain tv shows..then count down till i do homework.. then count down till i sleep.. then count down till i go to school again.. and its all a big count down in general life is..gah im just wasting it away. not that school is a waste i mean. it really isnt. but sometimes i feel that my curriculum is too different from my nearby school i used to be enrolled in.

i miss the people from my school..but i dont even talk to them. WHY DO I MISS people i dont even talk to. do i miss theyre general appearance in the corner of my eye while i gaze out the window? lol. but why would i miss them? do i miss.. people in general? is that why im going to youthgroup & church more? i haaave kind of been disconnected from the world. or am i going because i want to be more spiritual and connected with god.. hm food for thought lol. i think id want to be more theoretically connected with god spiritually because of what happened with my grandmother..

siiigh. dont know how to describe today. other than feovnhiodubhiuhngnvk. counting down till tomorrow. was supposed to be going to the beach wednesday =\
but couldnt get anybody to take us there..
oh and apparently john green was near my city today. fun day today was.

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